Estrangement - Disfigurementality


After An Amazing Demo And After A Breathtaking Awe Of A Split With Japanese Funeral Ghouls Begrabnis...Alas We Have A Full Length Debut By Estrangement! A Total Undeniable Classic For The Genre! Estrangement Has Capitalized In The Funeral Doom Genre, So Much So To Point Where It Rekindles The Cult Like Days Of The Very Early 90's When This Genre First Gained Some Momentum And Notoriety From This Doom Laden Type Of Music, That Took Slow Critical Pacing And Precise Atmosphere To A Whole New Level. This Masterpiece By Estrangement, Which Has Been A Long Awaited Debut, Is Well Worth The Wait! Unlike Many Other Kindred Bands, Estrangement Is Able To Blend In Various Types Of Instrumentation In An Avant Garde Like Fashion, While Still Retaining The More Depressive, Lump In Your Throat Melodies Of Utmost Sadness and Despair. Highly Recommended For Fans Of (My Dying Bride, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Ect.)

By Label Aesthetic Death